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2, March 2016

What To Do After You Rooted Samsung Galaxy S6?

So, you did it. Someone told you rooting is a great thing, you checked it and realized it could be useful. After gathering all information, you decided to go for it and you successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy S6. It makes you satisfied, but that satisfaction fades away when you ask yourself: „ What now? “

Really, what now? This question is something many people face after they completed rooting Samsung Galaxy s6. If you heard someone compares it with jailbreaking, it can only confuse you more, since the two procedures have fundamentally different reasons and results. Jailbreaking is mostly performed to allow owners to use unauthorized apps. On the other hand, rooting gives owners an opportunity to take complete control over its Samsung Galaxy S6. And once you have complete control, the question is what to do with it.

Experienced users and technology geeks will have no problems with that, but an average user has just the basic knowledge, and the fact is that once you rooted your Samsung Galaxy S6, you have limitless access to everything, and it may be a double edged sword. You may do great things with your phone now, but you may also do a huge amount of damage to it because of your lack of knowledge; and like most users you want to use better and improved Samsung Galaxy S6, and you don´t want to brick it.

What is SuperUser?

In some cases, rooting software will automatically install SuperUser to your phone. If that is not the case, installing it should be the very first thing you will do after rooting. Why is SuperUser so important? Once you have rooted your phone, you are in charge of everything that happens. There are no limits to the apps you may download, or procedures you perform.

When you download some apps, they may request access to su. The su is a short for superuser binary, and it is actually a program that converts system files into executive files. Those apps that are granted the permission to access su can modify, erase, update, or do whatever they want to with any part of the system.

To avoid that, you need SuperUser. That is an app that decides what apps in your rooted Samsung Galaxy S6 may have access to su. Basically, every app that downloads to your phone must go through SuperUser, which will then ask you for a permission to install it. It can also memorize your decisions and act according to them in the future.

22, February 2016

Learn How To Root Any Samsung Galaxy S5

Please provide your root access by installing certain software / flash on your phone. This software is for each device / model differently, so each device / model should be flashed another piece of software.

Root says it all, root access gives access to the deeper layers of your software. In these layers you join the pieces of software that your phone keep running. Here you can make various adjustments. Adjustments may vary from thematic changes to additional options, full backups of your applications. The possibilities are almost endless. If you are in your root folder rumbling you can so you throw a lot upside software!

The S5 was this action (the rooting,) always recover so that the manufacturer would not notice. In S5 Is this unfortunately is not the case. At least … there seems to be a method for the S5. This is Towelroot, but I little even know because my phone is already rooted in accordance with the following manner and thus has the status KNOX 0x1 I will not go into here. This is something for another Topic. I also often see the xda developers forum tracks passing by suggesting that your security The security example remains unchanged hot KNOX. When your other “illegal” software flashed this protection will be put into operation. It is probably broken a physical fuse device. This is to see if your device in download mode startup (KNOX 0x1). To this, the manufacturers can see that you have something flashed. This is to my knowledge not recover by Samsung, unless they need to carry out extensive repairs very well replace some parts. If you’re following the path that there is virtually no way back to the new device to get your 100%! But … this science like us not to do so by rooting it: p

What this does to your guarantee is a gray area. Officially it is said that the user harm themselves pay the costs must. However, there will be many messages around that the manufacturer still repairing the unit free of charge provided that it can be shown that the damage is not attributable to the flash.

But again; This is a gray area.

So far I me there never attracted anything and have always provided my gears root access.


This How-To is of course at your own risk! I’m responsible for anything! This How-To is only for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F! But problems should I (if I can and / or have sense) and I think other people are doing their best to help you. Read everything to the letter and also follow all the steps. Go yourself muddling. If in doubt ask your question here! If anything goes wrong make sure good at what you did and what notifications you get the message board of Odin. This can record your by going to the white square with your mouse, hold the left mouse button and then select all the text / blue make, then printing blue with your right mouse button and then copy that copy to a Notepad file and then again saving somewhere you can find it again. Also important: as you know you will lose this most likely guarantee you as a Provider / Samsung Service Point sees this on your phone when you bring your device for repair!
Okay, here we go!

Step 1: Files win.

Here we will first need to download some files. These files we need to provide your phone with root access. You do not need much, just two things. The first is the file that allows you to root Samsung Galaxy S5, thus giving you root access. This made Chain Fire For more information you can click on this link and this link. We now use CF-Auto-Root-klte-kltexx-smg900f.tar. As you’ve probably seen a tar file. Your computer will recognize it as a .zip file, but this is nothing out! To download you must click on this link to the file. This file must save somewhere where you can easily find it again, I recommend you desktop. This downloaded file you do nothing! So do not unpack or anything. Download, store and nothing else. The second thing we need is the program to Flashing / installing this file. This program is called Odin3. To download you can click on this link Odin. The file you download is now a .zip file and called Odin3-v3.07. You save it in a place where you can find it. I recommend your desktop. This suit your example with WinRAR (which you can download here then you click on the downloaded file so: Odin3-v3.07, with your right mouse button, you get a menu, then choose: to extract Odin3- v3.07 \.

Now you will see a folder containing several files. Change or move any of these files and leave it!

So now you have all the files.

Now we set up everything

Step 2: All set ready.


We are going to prepare everything. Make sure your phone is charged to at least 75%, preferably completely full .You start Odin3 now on, this is done by clicking with your right mouse button on the file Odin3 v3.07.exe, and then selecting “as administrator run “, if you can not choose, choose to open. You will now get to see a menu that looks like this:
Now click the box PDA. This allows you to search among your files. You will navigate to where you saved the file CF-Auto-Root-klte-kltexx-smg900f.tar. In our example, so your desktop. Here you can double-click. Then your screen looks like this:

Now Put your S5 in download mode. You do this by turning off your S5 and then to keep the volume down button, the Home button and the Power button simultaneously pressed. Then you will see a warning menu and then select Continuous, so you must press your Volume Up button. You now see an Android man with a load of text in the upper right.
You close your S5 with your USB cable to your PC. Odin will now display in the Message Board Added. Repartition should NOT be ticked!

Now press start and Odin do its thing. It is now very important that the connection between S5 and the computer do not get lost! Otherwise serious damage can administer to your device!
In the message board you will now always see text appear. This text shows what Odin3 now installing.

When Odin3 finishes Flashing the box will be at the top in green and it will stand Pass. In the Message Board will be completed to assist you and S5 will now reboot. Let your S5 just doing his thing. You S5 will now started up again and voila you’re rooted!



The above tar file was originally created for Android version 4.4.4, but also with me on Android 5.0 done its job. Odin sometimes want a little crazy and will not be correct installation and indicate a fail. Possible solutions are: Redo the procedure, the file download again, Odin download again, another USB port. These are often the solutions when the installation does not go well.
This root is, as I said, with 1 app Superuser. Superuser displays apps that require root permission / access. So if you have installed the root, and you then install an app that requires root eg. Root Explorer and / or Titanium Backup, etc., and you start to emerge this app for the first time comes Superuser app and you’ll have to click Allow other works this app does not!
If your device provides root access you will not automatically receive your software update and you yourself have to flash the new software. Then you will tip your root access lost again and you will have to re-root.

For the above procedure: make before you flash anything of software always as many backups of your important data. It might just go wrong and if you then your device completely new software should provide you often all the important things like photos posts so lost!

I have explained this very extensive and it all seems quite a bit, for the seasoned flashers this is a breeze and money in general, if you do take longer than 30 seconds above procedure you just slow progress.

I will soon maybe make a video for this How-To.

Success with it !

13, February 2016

The 5 Best Root Apps To Get After Rooting Your Samsung Galaxy S5

Franco.Kernel updater

Franco.Kernel is known for its excellent speed performance and long battery life. The kernel is actually the phone powerhouse and controls the connection between the hardware and the operating system. So Franco.Kernel ensures, among other things, that the number of processors and the clock rate not screwed up quickly, but the kernel can also affect the sound, the vibration motor, disk and screen. Think of a kernel to the frequent updating drivers usually always bring improvements. The Franco.Kernel updater you can adjust all the settings of the kernel to buy and flashing new kernels.


Flashify is the all-rounder for the root user and those who are “flashing” their smartphone or tablet, or other software kernels and install it. With Flashify you can easily alternate recoveries, kernels and boot images flashing, directly from Android. When the flash is complete, the device will reboot after the changes were made. The flashing new software is supported.
But the app even more. Thus Flashify able to be backup hereinafter stored on Dropbox from your current recovery or kernel. In addition, users have the ability to share via the built-in sharing feature of Android the backup file using other apps. The free version is limited to three flashes per day.

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is the best backup app for Android. The app is frequently updated, has many different options and is extremely stable. To use Titanium Backup, you do need root privileges. If you often change ROM and need to recover a lot of apps, the paid version of Titanium Backup is also a good option. With the paid version you can at once restore all your saved settings and apps. Even savegames and settings for your Twitter notifications, for example.


Greenify lets your Android device run faster and more energy efficient dormant apps when they are not needed. Greenify that has to be provided with root privileges, carefully keeps all your running apps in the eye and know exactly when an app is no longer needed or can run quietly in the background. Note: Greenify is not a task killer, but a full-fledged app that very cleverly put all your unnecessary apps in hibernation. The user Greenify also get a useful insight to what some slowing smartphone or tablet and where some extra energy can be saved.

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer just like the good old Windows Commander two screens where you can work simultaneously and drag files to other folders. From the app you can directly upload files to Dropbox and you’ll be able to add your favorite places on your memory card. An excellent file browser that can come through root privileges in the deepest directories of Android. Think of the important system- or data directory, where you can adjust key app or system files. The trial version is free to download the paid version must be purchased after 14 days.

TIP: Make sure to update Galaxy S5 before trying any of the above apps.

29, January 2016

Is Rooting Samsung Galaxy S5 Legal?

Rooting Samsung Galaxy S5 is completely legal, but many manufacturers lose your warranty if you send a geroote smartphone for repair. So send yours are Galaxy Nexus to Samsung because of a broken SIM card tray, and the repair was not compensated because the smartphone was rooted. Samsung sent me a photo of the Superuser app as evidence. It is of course possible to install the stock firmware without root before you send your phone in for repair.

In addition, most Android updates no longer work. The update system detects that the device has root access, making the update process is not always carried out. Some root-apps have the ability to unrooten the unit temporarily, so that manages the update process. But many complain after this that they need to install root again.

19, January 2016

The Difference Between Rooting Samsung Galaxy S5 and a Custom Recovery

The Galaxy S5 root is something other than a custom recovery. A custom recovery is an alternative version of the Recovery section inside Android, also known simply as the ‘recovery’. The recovery can be used for example, if your device freezes and you are in the “bios” of Android want to reset your device. Usually you activate the recovery by pressing a combination of buttons as the unit starts up. Your boat or not the system, but in the recovery. A custom recovery allows you, as opposed to a normal recovery, even flash software.

A custom recovery (photo below) is usually used to install alternative Android versions like CyanogenMod or Paranoid Android. The Android versions are often delivered with root privileges and a corresponding root app, making the software already directly have rooted Galaxy S5. You need an Android or not to re-rooting.

Actually makes a custom recovery using root privileges. The difference is that root is a common word for the administrator, and apps but also make a custom recovery of these root rights. In addition, usually root privileges provided within the operating system with the Android rooting, while custom recovery is not part of the operating system.

11, January 2016

What Can You Do With The Samsung Galaxy S5 Root?

Because rooting the Galaxy S5 gives more rights to the user, it is possible to do “more” with Android. That term stay on purpose so broad, because root privileges can be used by huge for apps and services. Think of performing a complete backup of applications, including for example, your savegames or other important content. Or the possibility of system apps that you do not actually want to switch off entirely? This feature is especially useful for Android phones with bloatware or unwanted apps from manufacturers.

Ideas are an important option for root privileges is the ability to install alternative kernels. Through a kernel example, you can improve the speed and battery life of your smartphone. Thus it is possible by using an alternative kernel in order to adjust the clock rate of the processor, colors from your screen or the power of the GPU. These are quite technical parts, so it is advisable only to flash a different kernel if you really mind here also. There are several developers who release their kernels for multiple devices and through a root app let flash the kernel. Then it’s a matter of rebooting, and the kernel is installed.

6, January 2016

What Is Samsung Galaxy S5 Rooting?

Android is based on the open source Linux operating system kernel. The term root also comes in Linux, where the root user “has all rights to perform actions.

This also applies to Android with the Galaxy S5 root you have all the power over your Android device. Normally gets an Android user not all right. This provides greater security in the mobile operating system, because the user can focus less ‘harm’ to.

superuser root is usually activated on Android via two apps: Superuser or SuperSU. These apps use the acquired root privileges to provide other apps root.

Suppose you install an application that requires root privileges. Then Superuser and SuperSU can grant it. Super User is the general root app, for example, comes with the alternate version of Android CyanogenMod, SuperSu was developed by a Dutchman and used yours for several years.

Note that installing this app is of no use, you must first device after rooting root apps can make use of all these rights and other apps can provide the opportunity to gain more rights.