Galaxy S3 Rooting

17, June 2016

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S3 StraightTalk sch s968c

Do you want to get root access on your Samsung Galaxy S3 and thus permits access Super user? Today I bring you a tutorial where I teach you to root Galaxy S3 in a couple of clicks.

Despite being launched in 2012 and already have its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still the best selling smartphone in history. As time passes, smartphones reach more and more people and many are gaining more experience and are becoming sophisticated users who want access to more options and make the most of their devices.

Therefore, today I bring a simple tutorial in which I show you how to get root access on the Galaxy S3 sch-s968c.

What Does root access Entail?

Before starting we should clarify this. Being root means access to the root of the device, ie get maximum privileges on your phone. By having full control of your smartphone, you can access and modify certain things that previously could not be accessed, like using some unique applications, change the CPU frequency, perform backups, tethering and install cooked ROMs.

Now, if this comes packaged with so many benefits, then why isn’t every Android user a root user? There is enough fear around this (often unjustified) although admittedly be root has some consequences.

Consequences Of root access

As root, you can access the root of the team, ie some central archives. If we touch something that is not there, we can completely ruin the device(thus usually if you do not know what you do, do not even try!).

This means that the risk is not being root itself, misuse of what we do with the possibilities offered, but if you are careful and do not touch what is not, then you should not have any problems at all.

Two main losses:

  1. With the Galaxy S3 root, one can lose the ability to receive automatic updates but here it should make a clarification. If you have rooted the device but NOT modified the Recovery, updates should keep coming. Otherwise you must upgrade manually.
  2. The smartphone warranty: while in Europe there is a law that says rooting or flashing the phone does not lose the guarantee, the truth is that in most cases, companies are not liable for damages we cause the device and therefore the rooted mobile lose the guarantee (although also usually can reverse the root process).