HTC One Rooting

23, June 2016

How To Root HTC One M8 (Android 5.0.1 Lollipop)!

After showing the simplicity of the root procedure on some devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S5, which have even intelligent application that can perform almost all the operations, minimizing the risk of soft-brick, in this guide will we follow step by step way to root HTC One M8.

We start from a premise: the HTC M8, there is a procedure similar to that seen for the Galaxy S5, in fact, the procedure will be much longer and more complex, and will require high technical skills in the field.

Note: We strongly recommend that you do not perform this procedure if you do not know exactly what you do, because, given the delicate operations that we’re going to run, the risk of soft-brick are much higher, and could cause the worst damage if anything will be done in the wrong way.

Also note that given the radical nature of the changes that are going to make in this procedure, you will not be able to easily return back, so to avoid any doubt, start from the assumption that what we are going to do will void the warranty of your device and format the of device memory.

So you do the appropriate backup before you start! Moreover, the procedure will work with all of HTC One M8 models, even those branded by international operators, except those of Verizon, where the bootloader is locked in a different way from the others and where you cannot still act at the time.

This time it is absolutely essential to use a PC with the operations to be doing, in order as outlined below:

  • Unlock the Bootloader Unlocking and Root permission. If you are sure of what you want to do and you’ll take responsibility.
  • Make sure the battery is charged at most or at least on a percentage of about 80% or higher.
  • Repeat to make ALL of the case before starting backup.

Unlocking The Bootloader

When you’re really ready, open the Settings menu of your M8, open the Management tab Battery (Battery Manager) and select the Quick Start option (Fast Boot), setting it to OFF.