14, June 2016

How To Root LG G2 Lollipop 5.0.1 And To Use Xprivacy

I used the program Xprivacy Installer, which led me “by the hand” step by step so that I could succeed in rooting LG G2 lollipop 5.0.1.


  1. I removed some Google applications – including Market, Games, Music, Chrome, Books, Movies
  2. I removed several applications LG, including redundant motifs like.
  3. Limited access to certain applications
  4. I turned Greenify
  5. I installed the keyboard from LG G3 – it is brilliant


I did not notice any problems during the LG G2 root, hitting KnockON properly, the new keyboard also (remember to make backups of the old just in case). The phone works just as well as before, and maybe better, as does its Greenify. No problems with coverage, WiFi, etc. Everything works as it should.

Useful Links:

I Personally Installed This Set:

  • Titanium Backup – used to uninstall the application (eg. Those from the manufacturer or Google), freezing applications (only available in the PRO version), make backup copies of the application (a full copy along with the data)
  • Xposed Installer – necessary to install Xprivacy – something that is probably equivalent to Cydia on iOS (I installed it when passing the next steps in Xprivacy Installer – below is the link)
  • Xprivacy – brilliant program that allows to control the powers of individual applications (way to install is below)
  • DiskDigger – a program that allows to recover deleted data (in the free version only photos)

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