13, February 2016

The 5 Best Root Apps To Get After Rooting Your Samsung Galaxy S5

Franco.Kernel updater

Franco.Kernel is known for its excellent speed performance and long battery life. The kernel is actually the phone powerhouse and controls the connection between the hardware and the operating system. So Franco.Kernel ensures, among other things, that the number of processors and the clock rate not screwed up quickly, but the kernel can also affect the sound, the vibration motor, disk and screen. Think of a kernel to the frequent updating drivers usually always bring improvements. The Franco.Kernel updater you can adjust all the settings of the kernel to buy and flashing new kernels.


Flashify is the all-rounder for the root user and those who are “flashing” their smartphone or tablet, or other software kernels and install it. With Flashify you can easily alternate recoveries, kernels and boot images flashing, directly from Android. When the flash is complete, the device will reboot after the changes were made. The flashing new software is supported.
But the app even more. Thus Flashify able to be backup hereinafter stored on Dropbox from your current recovery or kernel. In addition, users have the ability to share via the built-in sharing feature of Android the backup file using other apps. The free version is limited to three flashes per day.

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is the best backup app for Android. The app is frequently updated, has many different options and is extremely stable. To use Titanium Backup, you do need root privileges. If you often change ROM and need to recover a lot of apps, the paid version of Titanium Backup is also a good option. With the paid version you can at once restore all your saved settings and apps. Even savegames and settings for your Twitter notifications, for example.


Greenify lets your Android device run faster and more energy efficient dormant apps when they are not needed. Greenify that has to be provided with root privileges, carefully keeps all your running apps in the eye and know exactly when an app is no longer needed or can run quietly in the background. Note: Greenify is not a task killer, but a full-fledged app that very cleverly put all your unnecessary apps in hibernation. The user Greenify also get a useful insight to what some slowing smartphone or tablet and where some extra energy can be saved.

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer just like the good old Windows Commander two screens where you can work simultaneously and drag files to other folders. From the app you can directly upload files to Dropbox and you’ll be able to add your favorite places on your memory card. An excellent file browser that can come through root privileges in the deepest directories of Android. Think of the important system- or data directory, where you can adjust key app or system files. The trial version is free to download the paid version must be purchased after 14 days.

TIP: Make sure to update Galaxy S5 before trying any of the above apps.

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