19, January 2016

The Difference Between Rooting Samsung Galaxy S5 and a Custom Recovery

The Galaxy S5 root is something other than a custom recovery. A custom recovery is an alternative version of the Recovery section inside Android, also known simply as the ‘recovery’. The recovery can be used for example, if your device freezes and you are in the “bios” of Android want to reset your device. Usually you activate the recovery by pressing a combination of buttons as the unit starts up. Your boat or not the system, but in the recovery. A custom recovery allows you, as opposed to a normal recovery, even flash software.

A custom recovery (photo below) is usually used to install alternative Android versions like CyanogenMod or Paranoid Android. The Android versions are often delivered with root privileges and a corresponding root app, making the software already directly have rooted Galaxy S5. You need an Android or not to re-rooting.

Actually makes a custom recovery using root privileges. The difference is that root is a common word for the administrator, and apps but also make a custom recovery of these root rights. In addition, usually root privileges provided within the operating system with the Android rooting, while custom recovery is not part of the operating system.

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