6, January 2016

What Is Samsung Galaxy S5 Rooting?

Android is based on the open source Linux operating system kernel. The term root also comes in Linux, where the root user “has all rights to perform actions.

This also applies to Android with the Galaxy S5 root you have all the power over your Android device. Normally gets an Android user not all right. This provides greater security in the mobile operating system, because the user can focus less ‘harm’ to.

superuser root is usually activated on Android via two apps: Superuser or SuperSU. These apps use the acquired root privileges to provide other apps root.

Suppose you install an application that requires root privileges. Then Superuser and SuperSU can grant it. Super User is the general root app, for example, comes with the alternate version of Android CyanogenMod, SuperSu was developed by a Dutchman and used yours for several years.

Note that installing this app is of no use, you must first device after rooting root apps can make use of all these rights and other apps can provide the opportunity to gain more rights.


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